How do I download my data into a CSV or excel file?

To export your data from your notebooks into a CSV file, you first need to save your data to your local workspace. Before starting, you need to run in a new cell the following command: 


Then, when using R, insert in a new cell the command “write_excel_csv(name of your dataframe, ‘filename’)". When using Python, use the command "your_dataframe.to_csv(filename)". This will create a CSV file that will be temporarily stored in your current workspace environment, and you can go under the menu “file” and click on “open” to see it. Then check the box next to the file, and click on download to save it into your computer.

*Please remember that all downloads and dissemination of data must comply with the Data User Code of Conduct and the Data and Statistics Dissemination Policy.

You are prohibited from taking screenshots or attempting in any way to remove participant-level data from the workbench. You are also prohibited from publishing or otherwise distributing any data or aggregate statistics corresponding to fewer than 20 participants unless expressly permitted by the Data and Statistics Dissemination Policy.


Please review our Data User Code of Conduct and Egress Alert Policy for further information.

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